Experienced Combat Photographer, Tim Pike, is now perfecting his craft of landscape and travel photography. He is currently based in Virginia Beach, VA. His experience in the Armored Cavalry of the US Army and the Department of Defense Combat Camera integration has helped shape him into a highly technical, mission-oriented artist. Always looking for the image that displays the emotion to convey the strategic messaging of his organization, he has the ability to quickly manipulate his equipment into the configuration needed to get the perfect shot. Getting to the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment is his specialty; he is not afraid of the difficult shot. Finding the perfect mixture of technique and art coupled with a genuine respect for his subject, he is able to evoke emotion in the chosen audience. Tim shoots landscape/travel, people, sports, drone, and macro and is proficient in Canon and Nikon equipment. He is also well versed in video and video production.

Tim Pike has a Photography Degree and is proficient in Adobe processing software including Bridge, Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Premier Pro, Illustrator, and Audition. His advanced degree is a Master’s in Adult and Continuing Education and he is a certified teacher of graduate level courses.

He currently pays the bills as an instructional designer and Assistant Professor teaching the integration of combat photography and other capabilities to support the U.S. Marine Corps Strategic Messaging.